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Lin Christianson
31 December 1982
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"I finally got it all together
now what did I do with it?"

I am the mighty Lin of GAD, but everyone calls me Lin.
I'm 26 years old, and my birthday's on New Year's Eve.
What I do:
I am a mommy of two as of 14 April 2009.

I was the author of And the Meepits Outgrabe, a semi-weekly comic published in the Neopian Times by Neopets.com

I am also an independent product developer on IMVU.com

In my spare time, I make stuff, sing, and act when I get the chance. (Sometimes making stuff happens whether I get the chance or not. Whoo sleep deprivation..)
I like hangin' out with my husband and my babies, doin' yoga and various projects, browsing thrift stores for said projects, creating stuff for IMVU, renting movies, cleaning the apartment, watching anime, making banana bread, and generally goofing off on the computer.
I am the proud owner of three neopets and I also had a golden retriever named Suzie.
(Suzie passed away the night of Christmas 2008).
My husband and I are members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
I got my associates in April 2007. May continue for a bachelors in 3D animation if the opportunity arises.
I have two younger sisters: One likes Invader Zim and muffins, the other likes rabbits and Ireland. I also have a dad who knows stuff and likes motorcycles, a mother who loves Disney World and Dick Van Dyke, a brother-in-law in a Rush t-shirt, a sweet fluffy paladin husband, a baby Jelly Bean amazon Princess, a little knight peanut/frog prince, awesome in-laws, and many loyal, dependable friends.
Other stuff:
I have really long hair. I hate spiders. I sing "Deep Water" a lot, I wear a CTR ring, I love renaissance faires, and I don't eat mammals.

I feel very blessed to be alive and well these days.
It took me 22 years to learn how to be happy with myself, and then only about one year to find someone very special to me to share my life with. By another three years later, I was blessed with two other teeny someones.
It wasn't easy getting here, but I'm happier now than I ever knew was possible.

So if I could say anything to the world, it's that happiness is out there; don't give up.

-profile updated 24May2009

December 2009

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