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Been a while since I did poetry..

Sir Oliver the Brave

When my weary head is hanging
patience, lost; and strength, -the grave.
Who then comes charging to my aid?
Sir Oliver the Brave

Crash of dishes, broken will
Cries in anguish; sobbing still
He helps me gather all I gave
Sir Oliver the Brave

The world was cruel without him. A "family"; a dream.
Who bound my wounds, and villans stave?
Sir Oliver the Brave

When I was cleaving on for life,
My spirit, by a prayer
He took my hand and promised me
He'd always be right there.

They told me there aren't angels,
Nor faith, or knights who save
And I wasn't looking for armor,
But there: Sir Oliver the Brave.

Father my children
Dry my tears
Help me challenge all my fears
For you, I'd live a thousand years.

My love
My life,
Through any strife
I'm grateful,
to be your wife.
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