Lin Christianson (lin_chan) wrote,
Lin Christianson

wow. Mommy stuff.

Baby brother has been teething, and Oliver's sick.  So I strapped the boy to me in the sling, and took him for a walk down to the craft store.
Where I learned that today was National Scrapbooking Day, and we won a free photo album! lol
I had come just to buy a little 'family' charm to glue to the new family tree picture frame we got at the thrift store.  The album is perfect for Baby Brother.  And now it has a gold fleur de lis pattern on it, and his name, and a little gold frame with his picture in it. 
I'm still not sure if I genuinely like what I did, or if I've just made a mess. lol

And since Brandon and Amy were here, I've ordered the knitting book Amy was teaching me out of.  There's a bear pattern in there I'm dying to make into a bunny for Bina.  Oliver and I both had an image in our minds, when Bina was still very small, of our little girl dragging around a floppy bunny by one arm, (possibly an arm that has been replaced, lol)  and this one fits.
Also inspired by Brandon and Amy, My Inside Out Diet book finally arrived, and I'm on day six.  Still in the 'kind of irritable' stage.  Poor husband..  poor Bina..
I will be feeling much, much happier soon!  Detox of any kind is never fun. 
I even made a list of all the things I wanted to eat, and when the diet allows, I'll go back over it, and only pick a couple things.  Which will be a decided improvement over my typical "I'm not on my diet right now, bring on the chocolate!" stage, which always negates everything anyway.
But!  This diet worked for Amy, and Jamie, and what I'm reading of it makes tons of sense, and has a lot of things in it I've heard before and agree with, -and it is not boring.
Day six of .. what, four weeks I think?  I'm getting through!
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