Lin Christianson (lin_chan) wrote,
Lin Christianson

Two short things:

Baby brother was really hungry, and after I gave him his bottle, it didn't go into his mouth straight away. 
He babbled some two-syllable something first, and then popped it in.
After a minute I thought
"Was that a 'thank you'??"  lol

The other thing is that Oliver took the babies to a fast food place with a play area so I could clean yesterday without them tugging on me every 2 minutes.
He says one little boy came in with a big scowl on his face, walked up to Bina, and shoved her pretty good.
What he didn't expect was that my little warrior princess got a big smile on her face and got all excited, and shoved him right back!
She thought it was a game. :)

I love my babies.
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