Lin Christianson (lin_chan) wrote,
Lin Christianson

Warning: Gross stuff only moms and nurses deal with

So Bina's been feeling a little off today.  And Baby Brother just got over something that included diarrhea.
Both babies were in the tub, when I took Brother out.
Made him a bottle,
got him dressed for bed,
wrapped him up, etc...

I go back to Bina, and she's crying nervously and trying to clean out the tub she's still sitting in.
She um.. had an accident.

I told her it's okay, and she pulled the plug on the drain, still crying a bit..
And I turned on the sink and grabbed a glass and rinsed her off as best I could

At that point, I actually moved her into the sink, where I used to bathe Brother when he was too little to sit up by himself.

Bina is huge!  The water leaked over the sides of the sink, she had one knee folded over the faucet, and the other tucked away under that.
Too much baby and not enough sink. lol
Anyway, I cleaned her off really good, wrapped her in a towel and sat her in her little plush throne in front of Gummi Bears on her TV, and then on my way back to the bathroom I grabbed two plastic grocery bags, a roll of paper towels, and a bottle of clorox.

The tub looks pretty now.

... and my hair smells like clorox.
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